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1. Laminate panels must have protection?
A . In the fabrication of doors ,panels have generally protective film. But after the installation this film should be removed. To avoid the risk that installers don’t  remove the protection foil some garage doors  manufacturers take the decision to remove the protection foil during the production process.
Keeping the protective film over several hours in conditions where the sun beats on the panel may    create problems for the destruction of painted surface

2. What does protection against trapping fingers means?

A.    This protection is related to the risk of you catching your fingers between the panels while the door is being  operated in the  curving area . By the height of 2.5 m panels should have protection against trapping fingers.

3. What does protection against breakage of springs means ?
A.    There are cases where the springs that balance the door  may break , therefore the  risk that the door can  fall and injured someone is big. That’s why are being introduced systems and devices against spring breakage.

4. What does protection against cable breakage means?
A.    As previous, cables which doors are operated with may break and fall so that it can cause injury. Therefore the doors must be equipped with such devices.

5. Are there door panels with thinner sheet?
A.    Yes, there are, and it is  better to  ask your provider by the  thickness the panels are made (you do not want a door whose board has the  thickness of a can).

6. What kind of panels to choose?
A.    You should  better stay away  from companies that sell second-choice panel. These are panels that do not correspond in terms of quality: thickness, density foam or form. Except the last case the consumer will not notice the difference but only as time goes by. In other words, choose a serious company, which will provide a quality product that would answer to your demands.

7. What are the differences between traction spring and torsion springs?
A.    Both traction springs and the torsion  used to balance the door are calculated to withstand 15 000 cycles minimum, but traction springs can not be used for large doors (heavy). Traction springs are an economical alternative but limited dimensional.

8. Romanian companies versus foreign companies. What to choose?
A.    Western companies come with products that have devoted in time. Knowing that this product (sectional doors) did not undergo radical changes in the last 40 years, we can say that 10-12 years experience of domestic companies is a similar experience. At least on the Romanian market, where we have actually a competition between representatives of Western companies and local manufacturers, we can say that the experience that local producers (the oldest) have is superior. And do not forget that Romanian companies want to operate on the “mother” market when representative may close at any time.

9. Should I buy an electric door or a manual?
A.    If you have a garage is imperative to buy an electric door, because, besides convenience also offers SAFETY.

10. What should I check to make sure the door is installed properly?
A.    It is a very good question. Here are some steps you should follow:
a.    If the panels are horizontal. This can be checked with a level.
b.    If the horizontal tracks are in the same plane. Horizontal tracks are connected by a C-profile back, see if it is horizontal.
c.    Check if the horizontal tracks forms a rectangle. For this check the quadrilateral diagonals formed by this tracks - must be equal.
d.    At about 1 meter above the ground the door should stay in stable equilibrium.
e.    Cable shouldn’t  have broken wires (it is a sign of wear and may result in cable breakage).

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