BENEFIT – sectional garage doors

The garage door is the largest opening of the house and sometimes reach to occupy even one third of its front. For reasons of efficient use of the space, most times the garage is part of the house and is opened on its front side, to the street.
This way the garage door’s impact over the thermal insulation of the house and its external appearance is obvious.
Would you agree that an 4 or 5 mp  a big area of the front of the house to be not isolated thermal, unfinished or have a finishing that ruins all Its external appearance? Definitely not!

Benefit garage door has the best thermal insulation a garage door can provide, having 40mm panels thickness and it is available both wood imitations and a wide variety of colors from RAL. Also, the Benefit garage door panels are available in two aesthetic models and two types of textures.
This way, you have the freedom to choose exactly the right mix of colors, patterns and textures that match the architecture, the finish and the carpentry of your house.
Not least of all, the reliability and resistance in time of the Benefit garage doors are the ones that transforme the investment in thermal comfort and beautiful design in a long-term investment.

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